Privacy policy

This policy describes how we handle personal data at Seelution AB (corp. org. no. 559070-7005) and the subsidiary EmuTec AB (corp. org. no. 556624-9230).

Personal data is handled according to the applicable laws and regulations.

As of 2018-05-26, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, GDPR, applies.

Personal data handled
The personal data we handle are usually as follows:
*Phone number
*E-mail address
*Personal identity number (only for private businesses and HR matters)
*Address (applies only for private businesses and HR matters)

*Our handling of personal data may have various purposes, such as:
*Seeking contact for possible collaboration
*Conducting agreed work regarding established partnerships
(customers/suppliers/other partners)
*HR matters

Legal basis
Our handling of personal data may have various legal bases, such as:
*Legitimate interest – we collect information for possible collaboration
*Legal obligation – we must comply with various laws, such as the Accounting Act
*Agreements – such as customer agreements, supplier agreements, employment contracts
*Consent – Both parties agree to our handling of personal data to be able to interact even if there is no agreement

Your personal data are stored in our internal systems, such as CRM and financial systems. Data may also appear in e-mail programs and in our phones.
How long data is stored depends on the legal basis our handling is based on.

Disclosure of information to third parties
Your personal data will not be passed on to other companies or organizations, with the exception of our personal data support or due to any regulatory requirements.

You are entitled to rectification of incorrect personal data, deletion, restriction and objection to use, and may serve notice of this either to the person from whom you have received this document or directly to our personal data administrator. However, our ability to cooperate can be influenced by how you exercise your rights.

You also have the right to request information about which personal data we have stored about you and the purpose and legal basis upon which we base our handling.

You also have the right to complain to the Data Inspection Board if you believe that we do not meet the requirements of the current legislation; see for further information.

The personal data administrator is our CEO.

You can reach us by phone at +46 (0)31-22 65 00 or by email at