Renewable barriers

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Skalax is a bio-based barrier material consisting of natural polysaccharides and additives in water. Skalax is applied by dispersion coating.

We offer an efficient barrier against oxygen, grease, and aroma that can prolong shelf life of sensitive food stuffs in multi-layer packaging.

Our barrier materials can also prevent the migration of volatile organic substances, such as mineral oils, that occur in recycled paper and board.

Available for delivery in IBC containers (1000 kg) or bulk.


Skalax® XH11

Skalax XH11 is transparent and colourless and is recommended for oxygen barrier applications. The solid content of the product is 30%.


Skalax® XH11-4

Skalax XH11-4 is transparent and colourless and designed for applications where a high flexibility is required. The solid content of the product is 30%.


Skalax® XD

The Skalax XD product range is particularly suitable for applications where you need a grease barrier. The solid content is 18%.

Flexible packaging paper

Consumers’ requirements shift to more sustainable packaging. We work closely with paper producers and can help you with a tailor-made flexible packaging paper containing our sustainable barrier material Skalax. Different multilayer materials can be designed with a moisture barrier included if needed.

Contact us for discussion on your specifications and needs.


* Excellent gas barrier

* Grease barrier to prevent staining of packaging

* No fluorocarbons used

* Aromas in food preserved

* Tailor-made heat sealability

* Recyclable and sustainable

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